Brain betrayal has to be one of the most frustrating feelings in the word. That moment when you brain just doesn’t give you what you need. It makes you realize how insignificant our physical being is without that ball of cells inside our cranium. For freelancers, brain betrayal can be extremely damaging when working alone, on tight deadlines. Freelancers tend to pride themselves on their creativity and ability to transfer that across in their particular specified medium. But when that creativity drops, when you are absolutely out of ideas, what should you do? Thankfully, we have the answers.

Take Stock

Like anything, if you feel yourself losing control, take a step back and gather your thoughts. It really is a foolproof method of going about things, if you objectively look at the bigger picture, things really do become clearer.

List your thoughts

Pause. Take a blank piece of lined paper and a pen. Lined paper is important; it is providing your brain with a level of organization and clarity that it is obviously lacking. Of course this depends on what project you are working on but you begin with a relevant, key word or phrase. And begin writing down anything you can think of that is relevant, new thought, new line. Soon you will get those creative juices flowing and your brain will begin realizing that putting you in the doghouse was ill judged.

Speak to someone

This might not be the first thing you think of; well in fact it is the third thing you should think of. But speaking to someone can really help, whether it is about your creative problem or about last night’s episode of Emmerdale. It is about distraction, the brain is complex and you find yourself thinking about why your brain isn’t providing you with the information you need. It is pretty counterproductive if you ask me.


The brain needs its rest and often a lack of sleep or water can reduce its functionality. You can’t run all day because your muscles need a break and replenishment, the same applies to your brain. If all the above fail stop and sleep, you will be surprised how well it actually works.

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