It is difficult. There is no way to say this other than bluntly, being successful as a freelance photographer takes a lot of hard graft, determination and skill. For many, working for yourself, being your own boss, the controller of your destiny, is the epitome of working life. For many, yes it can be an extremely rewarding career path. For others, it can be lonely, unstable and quite frankly a struggle to make ends meet. This article will present 3 tips that can certainly help you make the most of your career as a freelance photographer.

Have a high quality website & blog

We live in the Internet age and it is essential that you take care of your website. It must be easy to navigate and convey your personality. Naturally, putting all of your photographs on the website seems logical but that isn’t always the best strategy. Less is often more and being selective with your content is important, it gets people interested without showcasing everything you have to offer. Blogging is important in any creative industry. Personal projects tend to take a back seat and the paid work takes precedence. This is understandable but a daily blog will help to keep you grounded and doing the stuff you enjoy.

Be clear on pricing

This is of course extremely important and sometimes it can be quite a difficult challenge. You don’t really know how much a client has to spend. You also don’t want to underbid and sell yourself short or even worse look inexperienced. The flipside to this is overbidding and losing the job through charging too much. Take time on pricing and offer three different packages for example, at three different prices. Show that you are accomplished and understand what your service is worth.

Keep learning and be confident

You are never truly a master of anything and you must always keep learning. As the photographer, you are in the driving seat in terms of expertise and staying on top of your end is important. The competition is going to be strong and you must compete with the best. The last point is confidence, it will help you acquire new clients and produce great work for them. Believe in your ability and it will resonate.

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