Manchester is regarded by many to be the place to be if you’re currently a self-employed freelancer. We all know freelance work can often be hard to come by, however opportunities in Manchester have steadily been on the rise. As a whole, opportunities are as high as they’ve ever been in the North, which is a drastically different picture than this time a decade ago.

The introduction of Media City UK, based in Salford, Manchester, has created a huge number of opportunities for both permanent and freelance workers. The BBC building alone has created over 2,000 job vacancies. Media City UK has fast become a hub for freelancers and contractors, due to the sheer number of opportunities created there.

The prospering of Media City is yet to show any sign of slowing, if you’re lucky enough to live around the area then you will know for yourself, there are always new buildings being built, new business starting up – the place is thriving! Work on a new £20 million pound development named ‘Tomorrow’ is now underway. The development is to include a hotel, offices and studio space, and has promised freelance/contract work will be available. The project has been designed to meet the increasing demand for the fast-growing creative and digital industries.

To accelerate this growth, the Government will support the development of innovative businesses across the north through an £11 million investment in tech incubators, one of which is to be based in Manchester. These tech incubators will create thriving local ecosystems by nurturing start-ups, fostering collaboration, and providing mentoring, learning and business support.

There is no doubt Manchester as a city is flourishing, and this is reflected in the number of freelance work opportunities we are seeing. With investment and innovation, come prospects.

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