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The trend of freelance work is becoming more and more common as we seek more work independence and our working habits change thanks to remote working.

It can be extremely beneficial to both the company and the individual to work on a freelance basis from a financial perspective and in terms of legal commitment. With more people taking this route, the question of Freelance accountancy help is becoming more relevant. 

How big is freelance work?

The recent swing in the economy is driving different working behaviours as employers and workers seek more efficient ways of working. Currently, it is known that approximately 15% of the UK workforce is classed as self-employed, which can be put down to two key drivers which are:

–       Digital working: It is now far easier to work from a remote location thanks to better broadband speeds and national coverage.

–       Remote software: Development of software packages now make it possible to access mainframe business software securely without the need to be based in the office you are working in

How does this affect freelance accounting?

Historically, an accountancy practice would require a significant amount of high-level corporate infrastructure, which is no longer the case. Traditionally, an accountant’s office would be seen to be filled with piles of paperwork and documentation, which would be required to perform day to day operations. Accountants were previously very traditional businesses who have only recently progressed with the use of cloud-based technology and adopted a more paperless approach.

The dawn of the age of technology in accounting means that Freelance accountancy help is more accessible than it has been previously and can be accessed in more places than ever before. The introduction of freelance accounting software has also provided a new route for home-based working which can still provide payroll support and produce high-level reports for management information.

Who specialises in Freelance accountancy help? 

There are now an ever-growing number of companies who specialise in working solely with contract workers and will only offer Freelance accountancy help rather than that of a general accountancy or high street accountancy practice. You should be aware that there are a number of possible benefits to working with a Freelance accountancy help specialist. At Gorilla Accounting, we offer you the full package for just £85 + vat per month, saving you the trouble all year round. 

Searching Google with terms such as ‘Freelance accountancy help’ will provide a number of results which can help you to identify, which of these firms are specialists and which are highly regarded from feedback and reviews. Your business is the most important thing to you so it is crucial to ensure that your finances are in the right hands to get the most from your income. 

How much does Freelance accountancy help cost?

You will find that the cost of Freelance accountancy help services will vary from company to company depending on which services they offer, size of practice and whether they specialise in working with freelance workers/contractors. Most Freelance accountancy companies will have a set scale of fees that they charge so you just need to check which services you will need and speak to the relevant people to find out how much those services will be. 

You should also make sure that you ask whether there will be any extra charges for bolt-on services or for one-off bits of work that you may need, such as speaking to HMRC on your behalf or dealing with queries.

If you need more help or would like to speak to one of our team of highly trained experts at Gorilla Accounting then you should contact us on 0330 041 6088 for more information. We specialise in accountancy help so one of our team will help you to understand more about your needs and then explain what we can do to help you and your business to move forward.