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FreeAgent Update: Introducing Insights!

12 days ago

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We’re always keeping an eye out to see how Contractors and Freelancers can take advantage of FreeAgent, helping them make running their business even easier. Here’s a quick update rounding up the latest feature added to FreeAgent during April.

FreeAgent introduces ‘Insights’

During April 2018, FreeAgent launched ‘Insights’ to help Limited Company Contractors better understand their business and maximise opportunities by displaying specific data.

Top Customers

The first insight is the ‘top customers’ insight which produces a breakdown of your top five customers over the last six months, based on your invoices. The customer sales report shows an in-depth view of your best and worst customers, giving you the information that you need to determine future business.

VAT Bills

The second insight forecasts any upcoming VAT bills. If it looks like there’s not enough money in the pot, you’ll get a notification which will inform you of this.

The next key question is how do you access Insights? You should see a button on the top right of your FreeAgent account which says ‘Insights’. All Insight notifications can be viewed through this button. This feature is being rolled out across the coming weeks and there’s more coming. 

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