Gorilla Accounting has partnered with one of the UK’s most popular and most efficient contractor accountancy software providers called FreeAgent.

In this article, we look at what FreeAgent Software is and what it can bring to your contractor business to help you be more efficient which can save you money in the long run. There are a number of packages currently available in the marketplace so you need to be sure that FreeAgent Software is the right one for you and your business.

What is FreeAgent Software?

FreeAgent Software is a specially designed program aimed towards the everyday contractor, freelance worker and small business and it’s also currently one of the leading providers in the market. FreeAgent Software is a cloud-based program which is designed to streamline your contractor accounts by using leading financial technologies which is why it is so widely utilised.

Using FreeAgent will help you to organise your business accounts at the touch of a button with access to your finances 24/7, alongside your accountant. This package is also an incredibly cost-effective solution for contractors as we include it in our package, helping you make the most of your time as well as keeping up to date with your financial situation.

How does FreeAgent Software work?

Most of us are now familiar with the term ‘cloud-based’ which simply means that the software is operated via an online portal or website which saves you time and effort storing data or downloading software to your devices. FreeAgent Software uses cutting-edge systems to provide you and your business with access to your finances whenever and wherever you need it.

FreeAgent Software is an integrated accounting hub which brings together the key functions required to run your business effectively and efficiently which includes:

– Invoicing

– Payroll


– Tax returns

These are just some of the key elements of FreeAgent’s functionality which will ensure that you never lose touch with your finances again. One of the biggest challenges with running your own business is monitoring your financial situation and keeping track of where money is within your business. FreeAgent software does everything you need to be more profitable and make the most of your time.

FreeAgent software gives you access to your very own personalised dashboard which gives you a clear and easy to understand view of your finances in real time. One of the most important elements of FreeAgent is the ability to link your profile directly to your online business bank account which displays all your transactions as they happen. The ability to manage your own contractor business finances when and where you want to is one of the most important developments in modern accounting.

What does FreeAgent Software do for you?

Here are some of the main elements of FreeAgent’s functionality to help you be more effective and efficient with your business finances:


Being able to quickly and easily manage and monitor your expenses gives you a clear understanding of what you are spending on travel, food or accommodation. Your FreeAgent dashboard will give you a snapshot view of your expenses and enable you to download receipts from your smartphone.


Being able to produce a professional looking invoice for your clients or customers will help you to elevate your contractor business to the next level. FreeAgent Software gives you the ability to customise and personalise your invoices which includes adding your own company logo and reminders for when payments are due.

Tax returns

FreeAgent offers you the ability to submit your tax returns directly to HMRC through the portal which also includes a tax timeline. This ensures that your business will never miss a tax deadline again helping you to avoid needless fines and possible investigations, along with the assistance of your accountant.

Your accountant will take care of the main day-to-day running of your Limited Company, whilst you will be able to view the same dashboard as them on your FreeAgent account.

For more information about FreeAgent, contact one of our team of Gorilla Accounting experts today. We also offer a free trial of the FreeAgent software which gives you the opportunity to take a look around the package for yourself before making your decision on whether FreeAgent Software will work for your contractor business.