I recently became a new user of FreeAgent, which I am finding very exciting. It takes the stress away from the bookkeeping duties for our contractor and freelancer clients and enables us to provide them real time advice as we can access the client’s data.

We are able to access the client’s data at the same time as them, meaning that we can guide them through the functions of FreeAgent as well as help them understand the outputs. Whether it be assisting the client to understand the amount of dividends that are available to take or carrying out a full review of the data – we are there to support the clients every step of the way.

FreeAgent is an easy to use cloud accounting software that has been designed for use by SME’s, including contractors and freelancers who operate through their own limited company. The main tasks that are required from the client include linking the software to their online banking, marking what each transaction relates to, creating invoices and adding any expenses that are paid for personally. That can’t be too tricky can it?

It really isn’t tricky at all. Here’s why:

  • All of the banking transactions are pulled through automatically once a bank feed is set up

It is just a matter of clicking through what each transaction on the bank statement relates to. So there’s no more trying to reconcile all of your transactions to a spreadsheet or running through pages of bank statements trying to work out what each expense relates to.

  • An invoice can be created in a few simple clicks

Once the professional looking template has been set up you simply just need to add the invoice specifics such as the amount and the client’s details. You can save your clients as contacts too so you don’t even need to re-enter their details each time. Better still if they don’t pay on time you can have an automatic reminder generated to chase the unpaid invoice.

  • Everything can be completed on the go

You can login and update your data as frequently as you like. So when you incur an expense personally you can simply login in on your mobile phone and add this. If you are simply waiting for a train or your meeting is delayed just pick up your phone and tap away.

  • Your dedicated accountant is at the end of the phone or email to support you.

You will have unlimited support from your own dedicated accountant as well as quarterly reviews of your FreeAgent data. We will provide you feedback each quarter on the data you have entered as well as provide you advice on tax efficiency. If there is something that you are not claiming that you can be, we will tell you this too.

Gorilla Accounting are specialist contractor accountants who offer an all-inclusive accountancy package, which includes access to FreeAgent’s cloud accounting software for just £85 + VAT per month. Do you want a FREE TRIAL of the software? Get in touch on 0330 024 0406.