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FreeAgent announce a new update at the end of the month

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Keeping up to date with the latest software is key if you are wanting to succeed as a contractor. In this blog post, we’ll be taking a look at some of the FreeAgent changes that are set to be released later this month.

What is FreeAgent?

FreeAgent is the market leader in online bookkeeping tools and is part of the service with Gorilla. Having established a strong relationship with the tool, we’re happy to keep you up to date with any of the latest changes.

What are the benefits to FreeAgent?

There are several benefits to using FreeAgent. The main benefit being is that FreeAgent is an official partner of Gorilla, meaning that we have developed a strong relationship with the online bookkeeping tool. The software is simple to use, easy to navigate and allows you to keep up to date with any banking, invoices, estimate, project, timeslips and much more.

What are the updates?

FreeAgent is due to launch another great new feature for all of their users. 2-step verification is set to be released later this month and will ensure that FreeAgent accounts are even safer and more secure.

With the update due at the end of the month, this will offer an additional level of security to all FreeAgent accounts beyond your normal password. It works by prompting you to enter a security code generated by an authentication app (such as 1Password or Google Authenticator) after you have entered your FreeAgent login details.

As exciting as the new feature is, it is optional. But if you choose to enable it, it will mean that even if your username or password were to fall into the wrong hands, your FreeAgent account would remain protected.

In addition to the above, FreeAgent has also recently had an update which states that the tool will stop supporting older versions of Internet Explorer. FreeAgent have explained that in order to maintain the highest levels of security for their users, they will be ending support for older versions of Internet Explorer.

FreeAgent urged its user to upgrade their browsers in order to access FreeAgent.

If you decide to use 2-Step verification, you will need to enable it yourself. Gorilla will be more than happy to assist with any query you may have. For a more detailed look into FreeAgent, take a look at our Online Bookkeeping page.