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As a time conscious freelancer, it will be in your best interest to measure the rate you are paid against your productivity, ensuring that it’s perfectly counterbalanced.

It’s true what they say, ‘time is money, so it seems moral to save time’ – you get the idea, so let’s put two and two together, and see how time efficient freelancers can use this character trait to save hard-earned cash.

In simple terms, streamlining your day by using one platform to complete several tasks, is a little like doing your weekly shop and filling up your car in one trip. By planning your day, scheduling tasks, and streamlining your approach, you can maximise productivity.

This approach can be adopted into a business environment, saving you time, money, and resources. It’s time to flick through our four money saving tips:

1) Technology Driven Accounting

We use FreeAgent’s, cloud-based bookkeeping software, but why? At Gorilla Accounting, we work in a streamlined manner, so why should the accounting software we use, and deliver, be any different?

Firstly, FreeAgent is cloud-based. This means that there’s a vast amount of external storage, with extra storage come extra features, and with extra features comes a larger service offering. The portal allows you to track expenses, invoice clients, and fill and file your tax returns, all in one place.

Rather than heading back and forth to calculate your expenses in a spreadsheet, and produce an invoice template, you can collectively complete these tasks through FreeAgent. By moving across to the online accounting portal, you’ll be able to get a live view of your accounts, letting you have control over your data.

2) Choosing a Workplace

Some people work better in an informal environment, typing over a coffee table, and some prefer to work at an office desk in a professional, formal environment; the choice is yours. If you deliver your services remotely, it’s time to be selective about your environment- experiment what works best for you, and what encourages productivity.

In recent times, co-working spaces have been fast appearing across the country, providing a shared working environment. More and more independent shops are establishing Wi-Fi hotspots and hot desks to allow contractors and freelancers to network and work alongside alike minds.

3) Project Management to the minute

Traditional lists can feel satisfying to produce, but software like Trello and Asana can help produce visual boards and online lists to help manage workflow and track productivity.

Head over to four essential time tracking tools for freelancers to find out how Trello can be used to transform the way you work.

4) Reaping Additional Features

FreeAgent recently launched a new stopwatch timer, letting you keep track of your billable hours. Hit record and the timer will then run in the background while you carry out your project. You can then hit pause, this will then generate a time slip for your work, which you can then attach to your invoice.

FreeAgent mobile now allows you to enable notifications for tax timeline events, as long you have level 7 and 8 access.

As a contractor running through a limited company, you won’t be eligible for the traditional employee rights, making it all the more important to utilise every hour in the day to complete your project.

Gorilla Accounting offers anall-inclusive accountancy package, competitively priced at just £85 plus VAT per month, including your subscription to FreeAgent.

If you have any questions about our service, call a member of our New Business team on 0330 024 0406, or