With the General Election less than one week away, this blog will take a look at what the major parties have pledged to help contractors. Contractors are set to have a huge say in the General Election outcome – a recent study by IPSE revealed that 88% of contractors and freelancers are planning on voting.

So, what have they pledged?

It doesn’t come as a surprise that all major parties have promised ongoing support to contractors, freelancers and the self-employed. Speaking to contractor organisation IPSE, these are their latest comments.

Current Prime Minister, David Cameron, has said that there has never been a better time to be self-employed, he said his party has “changed the tax system to support the self-employed, clamped down on late payment, set up schemes like ‘Start-up Loans’ and liberated sole traders from needless regulations like health and safety.” He has promised more positives for the future if the Tories stay in power.

Nick Clegg, leader of the Liberal Democrats told IPSE: “If you want a glimpse of the sort of worker that will thrive in the new economy, you need look no further than the growing number of self-employed professionals.”

Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, promised tough action on the ongoing problem of late payment, and said: “We believe that the UK’s 4.5million self-employed are our greatest innovators who deserve the support of, not interference from, the state.”

Labours Ed Miliband was unavailable for comment.

Despite the Election uncertainty, contractor demand seems to have increased. Venn Group London Recruitment Index recorded a 7% increase in availability of contract work in April compared to the previous month.

Experts believe that the fact overall prospects are up, despite the election uncertainty, means that contractors and self-employed professionals are in for an encouraging year.

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