Media City UK which is based in Salford, Manchester, has been hailed a major catalyst for a ‘digital and creative explosion’ across the whole of the North of England. BBC England Director, Peter Salmon, has spoken of the vast pool of talent in the North, attributing the successes of Media City (which he helped mastermind) to the creative individuals in the region.

“The talent and skills here in the North West have always been here, but quite latent” he said, adding: “There has always been a fantastic creative sector win the region anyway, with likes of Granada. But we’ve upped our investment and our game, so it’s wonderful to get out and meet other partners who are also expanding and regenerating.”

Mr Salmon, who is Burnley born, spoke out on a recent trip to Bolton University about the BBC’s move to Media City. Over 1000 new staff were hired from around the region which he believes the BBC has benefited from hugely, affirming that the BBC felt ‘refreshed’ and has a new DNA following the move.

Whilst in discussion at Bolton University Mr Salmon said: “I think we’re now starting to access pools of talent and places that just weren’t under our noses before. It’s under our noses now. You can’t miss the fact that the North has got great cities and towns and spectacular countryside.”

There’s no doubt about it, digital and creative communities in the North are flourishing, and this is reflected in the number of freelance/contract work opportunities we are seeing. To accelerate this growth, the government has pledged to support the development of innovative businesses across the North through an £11 million investment in tech incubators based in Manchester, Leeds and Sheffield. These tech incubators will create thriving local ecosystems by nurturing start-ups, fostering collaboration, and providing mentoring, learning and business support.

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