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Having watched the London Marathon 2018 and being suitably inspired, Dan asked Ian if he fancied entering the next marathon. For reasons still unknown, Ian said yes. Both Dan and Ian have their reasons for wanting to “run” 26.2 miles. 

Dan has always tried to challenge himself. When he was younger, Dan played football for local youth academy. Dan eventually moved on to a more dangerous sport, Boxing. Dan has boxed for many years and credits it with helping him to retain his fitness despite enjoying a sweet snack or two.

Like Dan, Ian challenged himself when he was younger although he played more non-traditional sports like American Football. However, an injury at 23 forced him to stop playing. From there he ate through his twenties, ballooning to 16 stone. Aged 31, Ian decided he had enough of being compared to Harold Bishop, so he started the long journey to a normal BMI. Using the Couch to 5k app, he developed a love for running although true to form, his runs have tended to be non-traditional mud runs.

However, as everyone knows, if you are going to run the London Marathon, you need a reason to do it. So, Dan and Ian agreed that there was one charity to run for, and that is The Footprints Foundation.

The Footprints Foundation aims to tackle the problems and issues facing disadvantaged and vulnerable young and elderly people, and those people with significant health issues. Footprints aim to support through volunteering and hands on help rather than solely providing financial support. 

Gorilla have been involved with The Footprints Foundation for many years, over the course of this association we have been able to see first-hand, the positive impact that fundraising has on the projects they are running. Support in any way is much appreciated and every little helps!

If you would like to make a donation in aid of Ian and Dan’s marathon run, then please visit our Just Giving page.