The Footprints Foundation

The Footprints Foundation is a UK based charity which was set up to help improve the lives of vulnerable people, young and old, around the world.

In 2007, the charity launched Project South Africa, an annual volunteering programme which puts hands on the ground rather than solely providing financial support.

This year, Craig Whelan, our New Business Manager is amongst those volunteers offering their help to orphanages and community care centres across the region.

Inspired by the Foundation’s ethos of, ‘be about doing something, not about being somebody’, Craig and his wife, Adele, will visit a number of key sites supported by The Footprints Foundation.

They’ll be on hand to provide help and support in any way they can, including: 

  • Painting and decorating
  • General buildings maintenance
  • Food preparation
  • Agriculture
  • Food distribution
  • Coaching
  • Counselling

The Footprints Foundations was originally launched by Seneca Director, Bob Holt, and Craig explained that Bob’s presentation on the initiative played a big part in his involvement.

“Following Bob’s presentation on the Foundation at the 2016 Seneca conference, and the work that they have done to change people’s lives, I felt compelled to get involved and help to make a difference.”

He added: “Based on this, me and my wife decided to join the Project South Africa team this September. This great charity is making a difference to people’s lives where it is really needed the most. This will give us the amazing opportunity to see first-hand what difference The Footprints Foundation is really making, and allow us to get stuck in and help out.”

What is Project South Africa? 

Project South Africa began in 2007 and has seen The Footprints Foundation taking back volunteers every year since. They support a number of South African orphanages and community centres in Benoni, Zenzeleni and Masibambane.

As with Craig and Adele, volunteers are a vital part of the project and many join the team each year to help assist with the ongoing maintenance and development of the partner projects.

Here’s a closer look at who they’ll be helping:

Sithabile Youth & Child Care Centre | The Sithabile Youth & Child Care Centre is a non-profit community project that provides outstanding initiatives for local children and families.

Zenzeleni Village Centre | Managed and run by two sisters, Lucia and Lindi, the Zenzeleni Village Centre is a community-based orphanage which takes on the responsibility of feeding up to 400 children per day from nearby schools and villages. 

It’s no exaggeration to say that parts of the community would struggle without their services, making it such a worthy part of The Footprints Foundation project. 

Little Angels Children’s Home | This incredible social service is run by a 27-year-old woman who took over the orphanage after her mother passed away in 2006. Many children that use the facility are either HIV/AIDS orphans or are no longer with their parents, meaning that the shelter and food they receive is genuinely lifesaving.

As sponsorship increases, more money will be available for medication and counselling, helping these children to live long, healthy and meaningful lives. 

Masibambane Community Care and Support | The Masibambane Community Care and Support organisation was founded from tragedy following the death of a number of men, women and children in poverty-stricken ghettos of Lawley. HIV/AIDS support and treatment is available as well as hot meals, education and development courses.

They serve a huge spread of the local community with adults and children both welcome.

How can I help?

Whilst many of the positives that will come out of Craig’s trip will be as a result of his hands-on work, there’s no denying that financial support plays a huge part in the ongoing success of these projects.

So far, Craig and Adele have raised more than £4,000 for this fantastic cause, but the fundraising doesn’t stop there. Every penny can help to make the world of difference to these communities, so whether it’s £1 or the proceeds from a bigger fundraiser, all donations are wholeheartedly welcome!

Check out the official JustGiving page for more information on how you can donate.