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Uber, the taxi-hailing app has been under scrutiny over working practices after a landmark employment tribunal led by Uber workers famously ruled in their favour.

The ruling made in 2016 found that those working for Uber should actually be classed as employees, rather than as self-employed.

The tribunal concluded that Uber should be providing employment rights such as pensions, holiday pay, minimum wage and other protections. Earlier this month, they announced that they will be rolling out additional measures for drivers.

“While drivers have told us they love the freedom of being their own boss, we’ve also clearly heard that we need to make improvements.”

Control at the Core

As a first step towards improving the working life of drivers, Uber introduced discounted illness and injury cover, along with hosting earnings advice sessions. The changes are focused on giving ‘even more control’ to drivers.

This includes a ‘no thanks’ button which allows the driver to reject a request if they do not want to take the trip and a fairer ratings system. On the whole, rather than cementing a standard list of protections, Uber have considered each component of the job and tweaked it to add more control.

So, on the whole, Uber are providing their workers with what matters most to them – control and independence, which benefits both the drivers and Uber.

What does Control mean to you?

As a Contractor or Freelancer, is it the unbounded control that ultimately attracts you to the self-employed profession? Over the past few years, the demand for Contractors and freelancers has significantly risen, making it the preferred business model for workers across a growing number of sectors.

Our newly updated Limited Company Guide highlights the benefits of taking up contracting and how it can offer more control than other employment types:

“¢ Flexibility and Freedom – Contractors are effectively their own boss. They can decide when and where to work, which training to undertake and what to pay themselves.

“¢ Work/Life Balance – Many people are able to balance their work/home life better when contracting. Decide to take a month off between contracts, take up a new hobby, or simply spend some quality time with your family during the school holidays.

“¢ Variety – Contractors can select their assignments and clients, so whether you want to try a few months in a different city (or country), or perhaps you want to work within a new sector; the choice is yours.

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