Contractors and freelancers are usually known to be constantly on the go and are expected to be on top of all of their commitments at all times. Often modern technology can simplify day to day tasks – all contractors should be taking advantage of the latest devices on the market, they may make your life that bit easier.

We’ve put together a list of the top 5 gadgets we believe will benefit your life as a contractor or freelancer:

Contractor Gadgets | Gorilla Contractor and Freelance Accountant Manchester

Tablet Computer

There are plenty of tablets out there – iPad, Surface, Kindle, Note and Fire are just a few that you have the option to purchase and there’s plenty more out there. Tablets are definitely a device that provides a more dynamic and efficient way of working. This gadget could be used during a meeting to pull up content or if you need to take notes on the go and could lead to an increase in your productivity.

Tablets also allow you to unwind and relax between jobs – whether you enjoy surfing the web, listening to music or watching a few videos, whichever takes your fancy.

Furthermore, the lightweight nature of the product allows on the go contractors and freelancers to slip this into their bag or briefcase and won’t weigh you down.

Portable Webcam

Most smartphones have video conferencing capabilities, however the image quality may not be the greatest. Nowadays, professionals are required to hold video meetings and conferences with individuals overseas and a good quality image/pitch will work in your favour.

These products can easily be linked up to devices such as tablets and smart phones – giving your potential client perfect visuals during your video conferences/pitches.


Working between contracts makes for a busy life and often leaves little time to prioritise your hobbies such as exercising and keeping fit. The FitBit will help with this as you can monitor many different fitness factors. The bracelet works wirelessly and allows you to count calories, workout minutes and even counts steps taken. You can set a number of goals, making it easy to keep track of how much exercise you’ve done during a period of time.

LiveScribe Pen

Leading such a busy lifestyle, making notes on a notepad and then typing these up can be a very tedious task. However, this can all change with the LiveScribe Pen as this will transfer your notes onto your tablet immediately as typed text. There are also additional features of the pen such as the ability to tag and search work.

Satellite Navigation

As a contractor, you’ll often be asked to travel far and wide for a contract. You may travel to a location that you never knew existed and it’s your duty to get there on time, therefore an up-to-date sat-nav is essential for every contractor.

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