Mortgage options for contractors have become more comprehensive in recent years. More lenders than ever before have realised the contractor workforce is growing, and have decided to alter their borrowing criteria in order to cater for them.

Below are a list of ‘contractor-friendly’ mortgage lenders and a summary of what they offer:

Roots Mortgages

Gorilla Accounting has chosen Roots Mortgages as our partner to provide specialist mortgages for contractors, freelancers and independent professionals.

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Clydesdale accepts applications from any freelance occupation as long as they meet the minimum income threshold. They tend to have competitive rates for both residential and buy to let mortgages. Income is calculated on 2 year average of day rate over a 46 week period.


Halifax accepts applications from all occupations and do not require a minimum income for IT contractors. Overseas contractors can be considered without permanent residency. Income is calculated on current day rate over a 48 week period.


Kensington tend to be flexible towards gaps in a contractors work history. They only require a low minimum income and have tolerance towards bad credit issues. Income is calculated on 1 year average of day rate over a 46 week period.

Leeds Building Society

Leeds Building Society accept up to a 6 weeks gap between contracts and requires a lower minimum income than many other lenders. They offer exclusive offset rates just for contractors. Income is calculated upon actual weeks and rates worked over 12 months.

Metro Bank

Metro Bank do not require a minimum income and will look at contractors from any background. They accept most tax structures. Income is calculated based on current day rate over a 46 week period.


The Gorilla Accounting team offer a slick and technology driven accountancy service to contractors and personal service companies. Our flexible contractor accounting solutions and processes are continually developed to ensure the best possible service. You can now form a company, sign up to our services and update your bookkeeping on your mobile.