Recent demand for contractors has risen significantly despite the uncertainty surrounding the General Election. This increase in demand is most evident in London, last month’s Venn Group London Recruitment Index recorded a 7% increase in availability of contract work compared to the previous month. The upsurge in demand has largely been put down to a surge in opportunities within the NHS.

The NHS have recently implemented a ‘Five Year Forward View’, which has been described as a ‘ground breaking’ initiative that’s main aim is to transform the core structures of local authorities across the UK. This new enterprise has brought with it the need for contractors and self-employed professionals.

Tim Dixon, for Venn Group’s Healthcare Division has said:

The public sector is preparing itself for the introduction of new models of care involving acute hospitals and their local partners, including primary and acute care systems and multispecialty community providers. This is creating a need for HR, communications, and finance professionals to help manage the transition on a local level as organisations aim to be fully implemented by the April 2016 deadline.”

Other sectors have also seen an increase in demand for the service of contractors – legal contractors for example have seen a huge increase in demand, in particular those able to speak a foreign language. Accounting and Finance contractors have also seen a boost in demand, with it being the end of the tax year. There has also been a notable surge in demand for business analysts, big data specialists and infrastructure engineers.

Experts believe that the fact overall prospects are up, despite the election uncertainty, means that contractors and self-employed professionals are in for an encouraging year.

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