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The space between 2008-2016 accounts for a 43% rise in the number of freelancers in the UK, which means that there are more opportunities for owners of co-working spaces. Not every freelancer out of the overall 2 million will want to work from home, so this is where co-working offices can fit the gap.

So, what is a co-working space?

A co-working space is an office which has been designed for self-employed professionals who have no fixed place of work, or for workers who have different employers for each project. Sharing is a core element of co-working as you will be working in a shared space, alongside others who typically follow the same working style.

As a Contractor or Freelancer who works from home, and manages the business from the home office – as expectations grow, as income increases, and as the need for a larger office space becomes pressing – co-working could be the answer.

If you’re looking to expand into a full-scale office, find out how much space you actually need, and how to undergo this process.

What are the Perks?

As a professional working from home, you can soon feel withdrawn from the traditional buzz of the office, and the atmospheric humming of the printer and coffee mugs clinking. As typically associated with a traditional office job, you would be part of a larger team who you would socialise and share experiences with.

A co-working space is similar to this but shouts independence as there is no overarching company you would need to belong to. If you feel absent from daily interactions, a co-working space is an ideal alternative.

You would usually rent a desk or office space, and prices tend to include Wi-Fi access and kitchen facilities, including tea & coffee. And it’s cheaper than renting a full office and gets you out of your pyjamas and into your work gear.

Give me the bad news”¦

If you feel easily distracted, it may be worth backtracking as a creative co-working space has a community at its heart. It does lack privacy, compared to the traditional office and the home office.

There are increasing options for co-working spaces, and there’s even a directory which can help nail the ideal spot.

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