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As the end of the financial year creeps closer, you may find yourself contemplating whether to jump ship with your current accountant. We’ve drawn up a six-point checklist to help you figure out if you should switch accountants. If any of the points below seem all the too familiar, you may have found your answer.

1. Your support is limited

Your accountant has the financial brain, they are the fuel behind the management of your accounts. Your package should include unlimited support as it’s only natural to have questions.

2.You often stumble upon hidden costs

There’s nothing worse than receiving exceptional service, just to then be faced by an unexpected bill which the accountant failed to mention. Your basic accounting needs should be met by the monthly fee you pay every month. At Gorilla we offer an all-inclusive package which includes your own dedicated accountant and unlimited support.

3.Waiting for your accountant to update figures?

Your finances can change by the second, therefore it is vital to be able to access your accounts instantly. At Gorilla, we use FreeAgent, a cloud based accounting software that updates your account by the second. Ditch the spreadsheet and head over to a more innovative and instant way of working.

4.Limited access to your accounts

The financial information that your accountant is working with is your data. If you currently have limited access to your accounts and you want more, Gorilla can make this happen. You will have your own account details for FreeAgent and you will be able to access this across multiple devices.

5.Recording expenses is a long-winded process

Do you find yourself groaning with unhappiness when you come to recording your expenses? At Gorilla, we believe in simplicity. Just take a quick photograph of your receipts and upload them to your FreeAgent account. Job done.

6.Complex, impossible to decipher, jargon talk

If every consultation with your accountant sounds like jibberish, you know that it’s time to make a switch. We prefer simplicity and to cut to the chase with simple, jargon-free language.

At Gorilla, we believe in simplifying the process from first contact, all the way to wrapping up the accounts at the end of the financial year. We take on clients who are switching accountants on a regularly basis so we know the drill. We aim to make the transition process as smooth and streamlined as possible, managing it from start to finish.

If you would like to discuss how to change accountants, call a member of our New Business team on 0330 024 0406, or you can email