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Technological advancements have increased the demand for specific skill sets within the contracting industry. In this blog post, Gorilla Accounting will be taking a look at the skills you need to have this winter which could help to secure work in the run up to 2017.

Following our previous blog post in regards to the top paying jobs as a contractor, read more about some of the skills you can utilise to increase the chance to secure additional contracts this winter.

With a vast amount of experience with working at the heart of the contractor industry, Gorilla can offer you the latest guidance and advice for contractors looking to secure work.

UI/UX Designers

According to reports, mobile traffic has now overtaken desktop for the first time this month. This will come as little surprise to UI/UX designers who are now seeing a demand for their services. With mobile search now being top, it is essential for websites to be responsive in order to fulfil the visitor’s requirements.

Contractors with experience in UI/UX design will be in high demand in 2017 in order to keep up with the varied ways users consume different types of media.

Advanced Web Developers

As the demand for UI/UX increases, it only makes sense that there will be an increased demand for web developers. Especially developers who have experience in various programming languages. Those who have experience in languages such as PHP, Python, Java and Javascript could see more work in the near future.

Experience in Cloud Solutions

There is a continued shift toward cloud based solutions for storing data, IT contractors who are skilled setting up, maintaining and handling integration of cloud based systems will remain in high demand over the next couple of months as we move into 2017.

Latest technology updates and a recent surge in use of cloud based systems, would expect those with high experience should have no issue with securing work as a contractor.