On Saturday 17th October, Gorilla Accounting alongside their friends from the Seneca Group will be tested to their limits by taking part in the ‘Hell Runner’! Down in Delamere Forest, Cheshire, 20 brave souls will attempt to complete a gruelling half-marathon (21km). The team known as ‘Gorilla’s in the mist’ will be raising money for one of Gorilla Accounting’s Patrons, Bolton Lads & Girls Club, but will also be looking for the satisfaction of completing one of the most gruelling events in the UK.

Bolton Lads & Girls Club make a real and lasting difference to the lives of young people

Bolton Lads & Girls Club are one of the biggest youth centres in the UK, welcoming young people aged 8-19 years-old, and up to 21 years-old for youngsters with disabilities. Over 125 years ago, the Club was one of the first organisations in the North West to recognise the importance of providing young people with a safe haven to spend their free time.

What have we got ourselves in for?

Over the next eight weeks and five days the team will train tirelessly to conquer what is known as the toughest half marathon in Britain. Previously, in 2012, 2,750 entrants participated in front of over 3,375 spectators and a completion percentage from those entrants stood at 82.7%, with 2,275 people completing the run. Furthermore, those who chose to run for charity raised a total of £27,000.

During the event, our team will have to face natural obstacles such as the ‘Bog of Doom’ and ‘Lucifer’s Lido’ as they drag themselves through chest deep mud and torturous hills. Throughout the 21km, the team will endure laughter, tears and the occasional moment of severe agony.

Following the lengthy run our team will be able to ‘enjoy’ being hosed down in the charity showering facility provided by Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service, take in some post-race entertainment or perhaps make their way home for a well deserved rest.

Gorilla Accounting and Seneca hope that you are able to donate on our JustGiving page. These donations will benefit Bolton Lads and Girls Club greatly and will provide essentials that are required to make the club a success. You can also leave an inspirational message for the team.