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Accountants for Sole Traders

A lot more people are setting themselves up as sole traders in recent years and it's easy to see why since being a sole trader is recognised as one of the simplest ways in which to trade.In brief, being a sole trader essentially means you own the business you run as well as being the business you own. This is why many ...

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Ltd company contractor - advice on mileage tracking

It is well acknowledged that many contractors choose to work for themselves as a limited company as this can represent the most tax efficient methodology of working, depending on the circumstances.Whilst managing the financial aspects of the business can be made easier by choosing an accountant to assist with the legal...

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Choosing the best umbrella agency to maximise your income

With self-employment become an increasingly popular option within the UK, the decision to operate as a limited company or working through an umbrella agency is becoming popular.There are numerous contributing factors which influence the direction taken, largely dictated by the type of business and the individual's expe...

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Operating Through Your Limited Company as a Locum Pilot

In general, engineering is a complex industry which relies on specialist expertise within the engineering sector, resulting in a demand for specialist accountancy support within the aviation industry.Airline pilots largely enjoy a significant amount of flexibility when tailoring their career path due to the ability to ...

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Tax for doctors – How to be efficient with your tax bill

With recent changes to government legislation affecting many healthcare professionals, as well as increasing costs of medical indemnities, doctors are gradually becoming aware of the importance of managing their financial strategies to minimise tax deductions.It is therefore important to understand how to improve the e...

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Medical accounting services benefits explained

It is well acknowledged that within the UK, healthcare professionals such as hospital doctors, consultants, general practitioners, surgeons and other specialists within the field, may be employed traditionally or work for themselves as a limited company or even receive salary through a PAYE system of the organisation t...

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