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Freelance Accountancy Help – Hints and Tips

The trend of freelance work is becoming more and more common as we seek more work independence and our working habits change thanks to remote working.It can be extremely beneficial to both the company and the individual to work on a freelance basis from a financial perspective and in terms of legal commitment. With mor...

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What is the cost of accounting services for contractors?

This depends – which probably isn’t the answer you wanted. So, let’s delve a little deeper.Accountants generally charge a fixed fee for fixed services or there will be a variable fee depending on the type of work completed for a given period. In the case of accounting services for contractors, many tend to have relativ...

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IT Contractor with a Limited Company - Does GDPR Affect Me?

What is GDPR?You may have heard of the recently introduced (May 2018), General Data Protection Regulation, or simply GDPR legislation. This European Union legislation was initially approved in 2006, but it replaces the previous Data Protection Directive and it has recently rolled out in May affecting all businesses ope...

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Limited Company Contractor Mileage Deduction FAQs

What is business mileage for a limited company contractor?Mileage can only be classified as business mileage for a limited company contractor if the miles are purely for business purposes –  for example, driving from your office to a client’s office for a business meeting. There are strict rules relating to what can be...

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