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Tax for doctors – How to be efficient with your tax bill

With recent changes to government legislation affecting many healthcare professionals, as well as increasing costs of medical indemnities, doctors are gradually becoming aware of the importance of managing their financial strategies to minimise tax deductions.It is therefore important to understand how to improve the e...

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Medical accounting services benefits explained

It is well acknowledged that within the UK, healthcare professionals such as hospital doctors, consultants, general practitioners, surgeons and other specialists within the field, may be employed traditionally or work for themselves as a limited company or even receive salary through a PAYE system of the organisation t...

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Limited company and contractor tax advice

If you are a self-employed freelancer or established as a limited company, business profits are subject to different types of tax. Of course, this makes managing tax increasingly complicated. Due to the complexity of the tax structure, it is generally advised that limited companies source a personal accountant to help ...

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Umbrella company for IT contractors - top tips

The number of umbrella companies in the UK has grown substantially in the last decade.Acting as an employer to contractors, working through an umbrella company offers a hassle-free way for individuals to transition into a contracting career, without the responsibility of all of the accompanying paperwork.Umbrella compa...

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Bookkeeping for Freelancers - How to get paid faster

Within the modern day, it is no surprise that more people opt for working as a freelancer or a sole trader.The promise of better work-life balance, control over workload and increased earning potential are large factors contributing to this shift in employment.However, working as a free agent produces new concerns and ...

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