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Online accountants for contractors – Is this for you?

If you think back to how your life used to be before the days of mobile phones and smartphones, you may realise how advanced life is now.The number of people that visit the local branch of their bank is also getting smaller by the day as we can now perform 99% of our banking through our phones, laptops or tablets. New ...

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Why Don’t Contractors Usually Operate as Sole Traders?

Contracting is a fantastic way to run your own business, to get the most from your income, and in a lot of cases, enjoy the flexibility and independence that contracting brings.Sole trader contracting is rarely an option even though it might seem the quickest and easiest way to set up your new business and to start out...

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Accountants For IT Contractors and Software Developers

Our accountants at Gorilla Accounting know that in the UK industry, IT developers and software development are here to stay.In a sector growing ever larger and with so many companies of all varieties and sizes in each stage of their corporate lives, it is inevitable that every IT contractor / developer and software dev...

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Umbrella Company in the UK - What you need to know

An Umbrella Company is effectively a business acting for short-term contract workers as an employer for payroll, and in some cases, long-term contract workers.The term Umbrella Company is used in the UK because of the way that this business generally acts as an employer on behalf of several or more contract workers. Th...

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Accountants for Sole Traders

A lot more people are setting themselves up as sole traders in recent years and it's easy to see why since being a sole trader is recognised as one of the simplest ways in which to trade.In brief, being a sole trader essentially means you own the business you run as well as being the business you own. This is why many ...

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Ltd company contractor - advice on mileage tracking

It is well acknowledged that many contractors choose to work for themselves as a limited company as this can represent the most tax efficient methodology of working, depending on the circumstances.Whilst managing the financial aspects of the business can be made easier by choosing an accountant to assist with the legal...

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