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What Is A Self-Employed Sole Trader?

When setting up as self-employed, one of the likely operating structures you’ll discover is becoming a sole trader.Whether or not this is the ideal route for you will depend on your personal circumstances, and you should ensure you know exactly what’s involved in being a self-employed sole trader. Here are the key thin...

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Limited Company Contractor Vs Employee – Which Is Better?

The many benefits of setting up as a limited company contractor may sound like an ideal next step for your career. But you may hesitate before you start typing up your resignation letter when thinking about leaving behind all the security associated with being an employee.We’ve compared the advantages and disadvantages...

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What Is Cloud Accounting?

One of the most important tasks for any business is keeping its finances in check. Those who neglect their company accounts risk suffering financial mix-ups later down the line. Therefore it is important that proper record keeping is maintained to effectively run your business.The importance of smart, strategic, focuse...

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What Is Limited Company Contracting?

When you’re just starting out as a contractor, you’ll need to choose your operating structure. Many are attracted to setting up a limited company as it’s generally considered the most tax-efficient option.But before you start the registration process, you should know exactly what limited company contracting is, and wha...

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Childcare Expenses for Limited Company Contractors

If you are an employee of a Limited Company, it is possible to claim a tax-free amount of childcare costs using employer-supported childcare.The following conditions must be met for employer-supported childcare:The childcare must be provided by a registered or approved childcare provider The support should be offered t...

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Using Umbrella Company Services

If you are new to contract working, you may be considering how an umbrella company can help you to run your business and save you valuable time.There are benefits to working as a contract worker under an umbrella company set up which will give you the support that you need as well as save you time to be able to do the ...

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