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Avoid Self-Assessment Mistakes with These 5 Invaluable Tips

Completing a self-assessment is the bane of a lot of contractors’ lives; on top of taking a lot of time, there are often many common mistakes made which can either result in having to start again or a receiving a fine.Read through our advice below to prepare yourself for your next self-assessment and avoid those pesky ...

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Ultimate Guide to Forming a Limited Company

Setting up a limited company can be daunting for even the savviest of individuals, and rightly so, as it will be the company name you are trading under . You’ll obviously want to get all the information right to avoid future complications.Fear not, though; having set up thousands of limited companies over the years, we...

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Hiring Your First Employee? What You Need to Know

When contractor work starts piling up, you may consider hiring someone to help you out. Hiring your first employee is an important and rewarding milestone as a director of a limited company, because it shows that your business is growing.You will be handing over responsibility for part of your business to someone else,...

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Can You Claim Capital Allowances?

When running a limited company, you will invariably incur several expenses, from purchasing equipment to postage costs. A perk of being the director of your own limited company is that you may be eligible to claim all of those expenses. Capital allowances let you claim tax relief on assets you buy for your company, and...

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Everything You Need to Know About Locum Vets Accounting

Over the past few years, many veterinarians have turned their back on permanent jobs in favour of locum work (currently, there are approximately 20,000 employed and self-employed vets in the UK). For many, the decision to go locum stems from a desire for flexibility, improved work-life balance and to develop their skil...

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11 Sure-Fire Negotiation Tips Every Contractor Should Know

The freelancer and contractor industry is still growing in the UK – this is excellent news to contractors, especially with the uncertainty of Brexit and the future of free movement) still unclear. There are around 2 million self-employed professionals in the country, and 1.77 million of them are full-time contractors. ...

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Limited Vs Umbrella: Which Should You Choose?

As a contractor, you can set up a business as a limited company or opt to operate under a PAYE umbrella company. Deciding between the two, however, can be a challenge for many contractors; both present advantages and downsides, depending on your business and experience as well as how long you intend on contracting and ...

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