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How do Umbrella Companies Work for Contractors?

Umbrella companies have become more popular in the UK over the past ten years. Despite this popularity, many people are still unaware of exactly how an umbrella company operates – and the benefits they can get by opting for this solution. Umbrella companies are considered headache-free, because they handle all administ...

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Top Things to Do Before Starting Your Company

Many individuals dream of becoming their own boss by starting a small business. However, many start-ups fail in the first year (or first few years), so it’s vital that you are prepared for everything in order to survive those crucial moments in the life of your company. As contractor accountants, we know there are seve...

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Dan & Ian's London Marathon 2019

Having watched the London Marathon 2018 and being suitably inspired, Dan asked Ian if he fancied entering the next marathon. For reasons still unknown, Ian said yes. Both Dan and Ian have their reasons for wanting to "run" 26.2 miles. Dan has always tried to challenge himself. When he was younger, Dan played football f...

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How Contractors Are Making the Most of Technology

Technology is drastically changing the way we work, especially if you’re a contractor. You can work from home and still be able to easily communicate with your customers, while also being able to access a wealth of information with only a touch of a button. As contractor accountants, we also use the best accounting and...

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Making Tax Digital: What is It and What Do You Need to Know?

 The UK tax system is about to face one of its biggest changes: Making Tax Digital (MTD). But do you know how this will affect your business? Despite the importance of this initiative, many contractors are still unaware of what MTD is and how it will impact them.As contractor accountants, we believe in doing our part t...

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Life Insurance: Do You Have Adequate Cover?

According to Benjamin Franklin there are only two certainties in life - death and taxes.Both subjects, but especially death we prefer not to think about, let alone discuss. It’s maybe therefore not that surprising that according to research from Direct Line, many families are not adequately protected. For example, only...

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How Contractors and Locums Can Make the Most of Social Media

Due to the nature of their jobs, contractors and locums have to promote their business by themselves, since they don’t rely on a steady stream of work as a non-contractor does. This means going where the clients are. Utilising social media can make a world of difference when it comes to promoting yourself and your busi...

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A Contractor's New Year’s Resolutions for 2019

With every New Year, most contractors like to reflect on the past twelve months, looking back on their achievements and searching for ways to improve the services they offer. With 2019 ahead of you, you’ll want to focus on improving and growing your business, and we want to help you achieve this goal.We have many years...

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