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In addition to the several other benefits that contractors have,one that sticks out is the ability to dictate how and where you work. In this blog post, Gorilla Accounting will be taking a look at some key tips to consider if you plan on working from home.

1. Eliminate All Distractions

It’s important to eliminate all distractions when working from home. For some people, working from home can feel like any other day in the office but for others, it can be difficult to keep focussed.

You should eliminate all distractions and treat your new working environment similar to any other office you’ve worked in. Try to create a separate working environment which will restrict you from doing things which could keep you from work, such as watching TV or playing on a games console.

2. Plan Your Day

If you fail to plain, you’re planning to fail. Similar to how you would as if you were working in an office, create a plan for the day. Even if it’s a rough outline of things that you need to do, establishing your aims for the day will ensure that you keep on track.

There are several online tools which you can utilise that can help improve productivity and provide some structure to your day. In previous blog posts, we’ve taken a look at 3 essential tools for contractors, but there are a few which should be considered.

Toggl is one tool which we’ve previously recommended. Toggl allows contractors to give an accurate representation of time spent on each task. This would be very useful for your own self-development, as you will be able to track how long each task takes which can be used to your advantage in the future.

Another online tool which should be considered is Wunderlist. Wunderlist is the best way to keep track of any work you have been doing for a job. Wunderlist is an online to-do list which allows the user to create to-do lists and keep track of them as easy as possible. This is a perfect way to plan any tasks for each working day.


Make sure to develop a strong routine, much similar to as you would when you’re working within an office environment. Just because you don’t have to go anywhere doesn’t mean that you should throw your whole routine out of the window. Sticking to a routine can improve productivity levels as you will be more focussed and have a plan for the day.

4. Resources

It may sound obvious, but make sure you have the resources available to complete any work. For example, if your job is reliant on an internet connection, ensure that you have a suitable connection.

If you can’t work, then there is no point staying at home.

5. Evaluate and Reflect

Taking the time to evaluate and reflect on the work that you have completed is essential if you are to work from home. Contractors have to seize the day, at the end of each day, evaluate the work that you have done and decide whether or not you could have done more or less in an office environment.

In addition, allowing time to reflect on the day will help with planning your next day should you continue to work from home. Check over your original plan for the day and produce a comprehensive plan for the next day to ensure that you are keep productive.