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Increasing your productivity levels is key if you are to succeed as a contractor. There are plenty of online tools which you can take advantage of but unfortunately, the majority come with a high price tag thus making the overall experience slightly limited.

In this blog post, Gorilla Accounting will take a look at 4 tools contractors should try, which won’t break the bank.

Google Docs & Google Drive

Google Docs is a perfect tool for contractors as it offers a free alternative to the Microsoft office package. With Google Docs, you have the ability to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations all for free. Google Docs also enables you to save any work that you complete on their cloud based software Google Drive.

As you are saving the work that you complete within cloud based software, you will be able to access the work on a different computer, phone or tablet. You are also able to share the work that you complete with your friends and colleagues. This also means that work can be edited and updated in real time, by yourself or someone else. The collaboration feature stops repetitive emails should you need a piece of work analysing.

Google Docs and Google Drive work in conjunction together ensuring that you are receiving the best service possible. Google Drive offers up to 15GB free storage for its users to enjoy. The main benefit of Google Drive is how accessible the tool is and how it can be used with other Google products, such as Google Docs.


Evernote is perfect for improving productivity as it allows users to take notes and set reminders which can aid with day to day tasks. Evernote is available both on web and as a mobile app which means that it is ideal for contractors who are constantly on the move.

The main benefit with Evernote is the ability to take notes which will allow you to manage tasks. With the use of separate notebooks, you are able to divide tasks into different sub tasks and then allow you to keep track of the work you have completed. Tools such as Evernote are particularly effective with improving productivity as it enables you to prioritise impending deadlines.


StayFocusd is the final tool in our list which helps to improve productivity. StayFocusd is an extension which can be installed to Chrome. The main aim for the app is to block certain websites during a set period.

StayFocusd works by blocking websites which cause procrastination and take up your valuable time. You are able to choose which sites are blocked and how long for. For example, if you know a certain task will take 1 hour, you will be able to block that website for that hour and then, once the hour has passed, you will be able to use website again.

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