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If you work as a contractor, it’s important to keep up to date with any useful tools which can improve your current skill set. There are a number of free online resources that you should take into consideration if you are to succeed as a contractor.

In this blog post, Gorilla Accounting will take a look at some of the most useful online tools which are available to contractors.


If you’re a contractor, you will need a platform to display any previous work that you will have completed. Wordpress is a great tool and allows contractors to create simple websites which can be used to showcase your ability.

There is also the possibility of receiving direct enquiries from potential clients from your website. This can be beneficial as it will give you more options on which projects you may want to work on. A personal website will also give you more control and can provide more information of your contracting business.

Social Media

Social Media can be a very powerful tool and considering it is free, it should be something to consider. Choosing the right social media is key to your success as a contractor, although you should not limit yourself to just the one platform. Each social media platform has its own benefits and you should utilise each site to the best of its ability.

For example, Twitter is a great tool for contractors. The site allows you to keep up to date with the latest news dependant on who you follow. For example, for a contractor, you may want to follow different profiles which are related to contractor news, this way you will be kept up to date on any developments within the contractor industry. In addition, Twitter can also be used as a way to network with other contractors and may even allow you to secure your next contract, depending on who you speak to.

In addition to Twitter there are also other social media platforms that you should take a look at such as LinkedIn or Facebook. If you’d like to read the benefits of each social media site, please take a look here.

Ensuring that you are utilising all of your social media options will play a helpful part in becoming successful as a contractor.


Utilising an online bookkeeping tool can be very beneficial to contractors. As a contractor, you will more than likely be busy working on projects and ensuring that you go the extra mile for your end-client and as a result, may not have time to give your full attention to your accounts.

Tools such as FreeAgent allow you to easily track your expenses with ease. FreeAgent is the market leader of online bookkeeping tools and is part of the service at Gorilla.

FreeAgent is also trusted by over 56,000 contractors and after utilising the product ourselves, we’re happy to express how well the accounting portal works for our clients.

If you would like to find out more about the Gorilla service, give our New Business team a call on 0330 024 0406. Alternatively, you can email us on info@gorillaaccounting.com.