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As your own boss, you’re not obliged to undertake the end-of-year review or quarterly appraisal, but this doesn’t mean that the end of 2017 shouldn’t stand as an opportunity to revisit the past year.

As the New-Year is less than 15 days away, as a contractor or freelancer, it’s important to make new year’s resolutions which help develop your business, and yourself as the director of a limited company.

Take time-out for yourself

As the director of a limited company, you are the driving power of your business. Your role is to manage the day-to-day running of your company and to submit the financial paperwork, but remember to take time out for yourself.

In order to successfully develop and further the business, it’s essential to invest in personal development, whether this may be through attending a course, a lecture or expanding your service based on a new skill acquired by yourself.

Keep ticking on social media

During bank holidays when the office is typically closed, it’s essential to ensure that your business is visible on social media, don’t forget to keep it ticking during this time, even if it’s one celebratory post.

The easiest way to ensure this happens is to produce a brief calendar for the year which highlights the key events, there are countless calendars which are already available on the web.

Money Management & Finances

As a Contractor or Freelancer, it’s important to ensure that financial security is on top of your list. This may be the year to appoint a contractor accountancy firm to ensure that your money is managed by a dedicated accountant. All your HMRC deadlines – taken care of.

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