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Becoming a contractor or freelancer is something that crosses a lot of people’s minds. The benefits of going it alone are extremely attractive for people who want to take more control over their career path. More and more people are turning to independent work and according to a recent study, there are over 150,000 more freelancers than in 2008.

However, with several benefits on offer to those who decide to go it alone, there are some factors you should consider before taking the plunge.

Can you find work?

If you decide to become a contractor or freelancer, you will be responsible for the amount of work that comes in. You may experience more freedom within your role. The freedom is one of the main benefits which attracts so many people to take the plunge into independent working.

However, now you’re your own boss, you will be responsible for the work that comes in. Finding work as a contractor or freelancer is no easy task, but there are a few ways that you can ensure that you have consistent work in your new career path.

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Can you afford it?

In the majority of cases, working for yourself means that you could see an increase in the amount you earn. As previously mentioned, this is dependent on the amount of work that comes in and the type you will be completing for your end client.

In some cases, those who work independently can go for long periods of time without work but this will not be a problem if you have planned ahead. As long as you ensure that you are constantly working to improve your own skill set, you should not find much difficulty when finding work as a contractor.

Have you got an accountant?

Finding the right accountant is key if you are to succeed as a contractor or freelancer. It’s important to find an accountant who understands your business and your goals. You should only choose an accountant if you are confident that they understand your world, a good place to look for an accountant is online and that specialises with contractors and freelancers.

There are some people who may find it beneficial to go with a local accountant, but you may find some limitations in the advice that you are given by a local accountant as they may not know that much about the contractor and freelancer industry.

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