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According to a recent survey from FreeAgent, the small business sector looks to expandthroughout 2017. The study revealed that one in ten working people intend to start their own business within the year.

In this blog post, Gorilla Accounting will be reviewing the recent analysis and what it could mean for those not in full time employment.

The Results

The survey, carried out by OnePoll was conducted with 1,000 working British people suggests that more and more people are considering going it alone in 2017. The majority of respondents (54%) said that they wish to become their own boss at some point during their career.

The survey also found that a quarter of Brits (25%) aim to become self-employed within the next few years, with 10% saying they plan to do so in 2017. With the several benefits of becoming self-employed, it’s understandable that more people are making the leap.

In addition, nearly a third (30%) of those surveyed said that they want to start their own business at some point but don’t have any concrete plans just yet.

FreeAgent found the most common reason for wanting to start a business was to have a better work/life balance, with 52% of those surveyed expressing this opinion. Other reasons included wanting to choose what work they do with 51% highlighting this benefit. Earning more money, following their passion and having a greater sense of achievement was also outlined by those surveyed.

The results also highlighted the trend “youngpreneurs” with 67% of working 18-24 year olds saying they planned to become their own boss at some point, this was the largest percentage of the age ranges surveyed.

To read the survey results in full, please read the original source by clicking here.

What Next?

But what does all this mean for those who have already decided to go it alone? As is the case with each passing year, more and more people are deciding that there may be better alternatives to full time employment. This then means that in the future, there could be increased competition for certain roles as more and more people turn to independent working.

Staying ahead of the competition is essential should you want to succeed, take a look at our previous blog which outlines what contractors could do to succeed.

If you’re considering the switch from full time employment to independent working, why not give Gorilla? You can talk to us on 0330 024 0506, alternatively you can send us an email on