At Gorilla, we like to know our clients inside out. So, it’s only fair you get to know more about us too.

Our new series of blog posts will allow you to learn more about your accountant, as well as give a bit of a behind the scenes at Gorilla.

Next up is Scott Hood.

“Hi, I’m Scott. My client portfolio, like Gorilla’s, is predominantly one-man-band limited companies, but I also look after a number of Buy-To-Let companies, crypto based clients and other investment companies.”

1) What made you want to become an accountant?

I was 19, and keen to get onto a career path. Previously I was a chef, but my whole family is in finance, so it was the natural progression for me to follow in their footsteps.

2) Give an overview of the duties, functions, and responsibilities of your job.

We hold varied client bases, for which we complete annual accounts, VAT returns, payroll submissions and personal tax returns, while being a direct contact when a client needs some additional help. Beyond that within Gorilla, I am involved with training new staff too.

3) What is a typical working day like for you?

Get into work, check over my emails and my calendar before drafting VAT returns and annual accounts. Each day varies depending on how many times the phone rings!

4) What are some of the biggest challenges faced by your clients currently?

IR35 is always a looming concern, but due to Covid many clients have been out of contract or forced to change their usual practices – such as an increase of working from home. Ensuring that the correct expenses are claimed while operating with reduced mobility is a large challenge.

5) What’s the first thing you do when you get to the office in the morning?

Greet my colleagues and log on, typically I’ll make a bru at about 9:30!

6) If someone asked you for a behind the scenes insight into Gorilla, what would you tell them?

It’s a good, quick paced dynamic. The younger workforce means that the office is always buzzing, and everyone is keen progress with their career individually, but more importantly grow as a team. There is a real family feeling.

7) What’s your favourite thing to do on days off?

I like to go to the gym with some of the lads from work, see my family and enjoy the weather (on the rare occasion that the sun is out in Bolton!)

8) What is one piece of advice you’d give to a client?

Stay in touch with your accountant as much as possible! I find that having a close relationship with my clients helps me to understand their situation so the feedback I can give is more personable and tailored; that way they are really getting the most out of the service. In addition, I find that the work we produce typically comes out quicker, as we are already up to date throughout the year.

9) Tell us about your proudest achievement.

My proudest achievement has been moving out of my mum’s place at 21.

10) How would your colleagues describe you?

I asked, and the response was ‘pretty good bloke’ and ‘Evertonian’. Cheers lads…

11) What are you reading or watching at the moment?

I’m currently reading a Dalai Lama book, and outside of that my watch time is pretty football heavy.

12) What’s for lunch today?

Today we’re going out for lunch with one of my trainees, who’s birthday was earlier in the week.