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Why do Businesses Fail? (And How to Avoid It)

How to Avoid Business FailureWhen you start your own business, it’s impossible not to wonder, ‘what if I fail?’. While many contractors and freelancers have started very successful businesses, many others have failed in their quest to become self-employed.But why do businesses fail? Gorilla Accounting have been providi...

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How to Stay Productive When You’re Freelancing

One of the most challenging aspects of being self-employed is to remain productive at all times. After making the switch from permanent employment, contractors and freelancers may struggle with finding a routine and staying motivated no matter what.As contractor accountants, we understand just how important this is, so...

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National Insurance for limited companies explained

National Insurance Contributions (NICs) are essentially a type of tax. For most workers they come out at the same time as their income tax with little extra thought. But in the contracting world, especially for limited company directors, it’s an area where significant tax efficiencies can be gained – or lost. First up,...

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HMRC Lose More IR35 Cases

IR35 continues to be a topic of discussion for many self-employed individuals, especially with the new changes set to be implemented in April 2020. Many contractors worry about this issue, which can be complex to understand and follow, so we understand if this legislation is also playing on your mind.We offer expert IR...

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How to Take Time Off as a Contractor or Freelancer

Taking time off can be difficult for any freelancer, with feeling guilty about taking time off and simply not being able to afford any time off being cited as two of the main reasons for not taking a holiday. While there are plenty of excuses for not taking a break, it’s essential that you do, as taking some personal t...

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How a Conservative Majority Impacts the Self-Employed Sector

The results are in. Boris Johnson secured a landslide majority in the general election, with many Labour seats falling to the Conservative party.But what does this win mean for those self-employed across the nation? While it’s impossible to know with one hundred per cent certainty the impact this will have on the secto...

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How to Start a Pension as a Freelancer or Contractor

As a freelancer or contractor, financial matters like taxes and pensions work differently for you than individuals employed by a company. It can all seem complicated, as a lot of these things have to be done independently by yourself, whereas most workers would have their taxes and pensions handled by their employer. H...

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