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It has been a busy 2017 for the Contracting Community. First came the snap election, then came the IR35 reform in the public sector, then the Autumn Budget 2017, and consequently the IR35 consultation which will consider whether the reform should be rolled into the private sector. It’s a long list. In anticipation of 2... Read More

Looking back at 2017 – What changed for Contractors?

As we step into December, we look back at 2017 to recognise how the employment rights, entitlements ...
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In the Spotlight: Rights of Deliveroo Drivers

In light of a landmark case won by employees of Deliveroo, who are now classed as self-employed, the...
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Why an accounting revolution is what you’re looking for

At Gorilla Accounting, we use FreeAgent’s cloud-based bookkeeping software to change the face of acc...
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