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What You Need to Know About Benefits in Kind

You have a lot of responsibilities when you set up your own limited company, but you also become entitled to many benefits, some of which are not even cash-related. An example is benefits in kind, which both limited company directors and employees can receive from their employer. Benefits in kind is a broad term that can

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Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright, Patent or Trademark Infringement

Is Trademarking Your Business a Good Idea?

Registering a trademark may seem like a hassle but it has many benefits that shouldn’t be dismissed. If you’re setting up a limited company, trademarking can be a good way to protect your brand and your name, which is sure to give you peace of mind as you go about your day. Given the protections offered

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Thousands of Mini Umbrella Companies Found to Be Dodging Taxes

As contractor accountants, Gorilla Accounting is always looking to stay on top of all contracting and freelancing news, and this includes the latest investigation by the BBC. Radio 4’s File on 4 has reported nearly 50,000 mini umbrella companies created in the last few years with the goal of evading the taxes and National Insurance Contributions

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A Guide to Tax Allowances and Reliefs

While being a freelancer or contractor in the UK comes with many tax obligations, you also have several tax allowances you can claim when self-employed. As contractor accountants, we’re always happy to help you figure out the reliefs you’re entitled to – and how to claim them. You can get in touch with us for specialist

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Start-Up Accounting 101: What You Need to Know as a Beginner

As a start-up, it can be a challenge knowing where to even begin when it comes to accounting. However, it’s an important skill to know when you set up a business. But you don’t have to tackle it all by yourself. As accountants for contractors, we offer small business accountancy services tailored to those who are

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Freelance Earnings Are Back to Pre-Pandemic Levels

We’re contractor accountants, so we like to stay up to date with the latest self-employment news – this includes the recent figures showing that freelance earnings and confidence have bounced back to pre-pandemic levels. According to IPSE and PeoplePerHour, earnings have risen in the first quarter of 2021, signifying that the sector is on the up.

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Our Top Tips for Better Business Accounting

Managing your business financials is crucial, no matter whether you’re just starting out or own a big company, but there are many things to take into consideration that can make the process time-consuming – or a hassle. So, if you’re looking for contractor accountants to do this for you and help you grow your business, you’ve

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Sole Trader Tax Advice and Tips

If you’re a sole trader, being aware of your tax obligations is important, but so is knowing how to best maximise your tax-efficiency. As sole trader accountants, we help self-employed individuals to make the most of their business accounts – and ensure that they submit all returns correctly and on time. So, we’ve put together a

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Can I Get a Mortgage as a Contractor in 2021?

This is a question that many self-employed individuals ponder, as lenders find it challenging to understand the way you work and get paid, and often prefer to invest in ‘lower risk’ individuals. However, even though it may be harder to get a mortgage, it’s certainly not impossible. As contractor accountants, we understand you may have many

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How to Determine IR35 Status

IR35 is still on everyone’s minds and for good reason. The changes to the legislation, which came into effect on 6th April 2021, were previously postponed due to the pandemic and now impact medium to large companies in the private sector. Determining your IR35 status is no longer just your responsibility. In fact, the end client

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VAT MOSS: Selling Digital Services to the EU

With Brexit, selling products and services has become more difficult, including online. There are more admin tasks involved and paying taxes has become a more complex affair because of this as well. As your contractor accountants, we like to stay on top of the latest news, and Brexit (and the changes it brought) still remains a

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