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Why You Can Trust Gorilla Accounting

Accounting firms deal with a high volume of financial and sensitive information every day. Vigilance is required to ensure that systems are updated, security policies are robust, and client information is handled with care. The nature of accounting makes both large and small firms a desirable target for cybercriminals, as hackers try to gain access to

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What Does an Accountant do for a Small Business?

If you’re just starting out or already run a small business, you may believe you don’t need an accountant and want to do everything yourself instead – however, there are many reasons to hire someone to help you. In this article, we’ll look at the various reasons why you should have an accountant from the get-go

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How to Avoid the Most Common Contractor Mistakes

Being a contractor can offer you a wealth of benefits, from having flexible working hours and being your own boss to being able to charge more for your services – however, contracting is not without its challenges. There are many issues and obstacles you’ll face along the way, so you need to be prepared to tackle

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Starting a Small Business: What You Need to Know

Starting a small business can be daunting, as there are so many things to consider that you may feel overwhelmed. From setting up a limited company to raising capital and learning to promote your business, starting a venture requires time and money – and a lot of research. Starting a small business comes with unique challenges,

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Self-Employed Drivers Want Employment Rights from Amazon

If the group claim launched by law firm Leigh Day is successful, retail giant Amazon could be forced to pay £140 million in compensation to thousands of drivers who deliver parcels on their behalf. Amazon’s drivers, who currently deliver as ‘delivery service partners’, are classed as self-employed and, as a result, are not entitled to employee

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HMRC Lose More IR35 Cases

IR35 continues to be a topic of discussion for many self-employed individuals, especially after the new changes were implemented in April 2021. Many contractors worry about this issue, which can be complex to understand and follow, so we understand if this legislation is also playing on your mind. We offer expert IR35 advice at Gorilla Accounting,

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The Benefits of Business Banking When You’re Self Employed

Managing your finances as a contractor, sole trader of locum can be confusing; there’s a lot of conflicting advice available and many questions that need answering when it comes to managing your business’ finance. You’ll want to make sure you’re making the right choices for yourself and your business, and, if you’re using your personal account

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New Year, New Me: Accounting Resolutions for 2022

The year is drawing to a close and, here at Gorilla Accounting, we’re taking this time to look at what 2022 will bring – and what resolutions contractors and sole traders should set for the next twelve months! The start of a new year offers the chance to take stock of your business and think about

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How You Can Become a Self-Employed Influencer

The ‘influencer phenomenon’ began around 2009 with YouTube but quickly spread to other platforms, including Instagram. Before that, this type of career didn’t exist, but it’s become a viable business model for people looking to become self-employed. As accountants for social influencers, we understand it can be difficult to focus on growing a business when you

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Expenses for a Start-Up Business

Starting a business is an exciting endeavour. You’re filled with an abundance of ideas, potential opportunities, and anticipating what the future will bring. However, it also comes with a lot of stress. There’s so much to think about – insurance, premises, staff, stock, and the rest. Often you find that it is more expected than you

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Inquiry launch

New Inquiry into IR35 Reform in the Private Sector Launched

The House of Lords Finance Bill sub-committee has recently launched a new inquiry into a reform of the IR35 in the Private Sector, specifically implementing the new off-payroll rules. In this blog, we’re looking into this new inquiry. We will be exploring what this IR35 inquiry means, what happened with the previous inquiry, and what The

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How to Make Sure Your SME Business is Viable

  Before starting a business, it’s important to ensure you have a viable model once you set it up, you want it to keep going even during hard times. The most important thing you can do is create a complete plan before you start trading since it helps you to improve your chances of success –

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