Accountants for Landlords

Buy-to-let option for Landlords and Property Owners

Simple, Affordable Pricing

The pricing of our buy to let services couldn’t be simpler. Our bands are based on the number of properties in your portfolio as well as whether you’re operating as an individual entity or as a limited business. Take a look at the table below for a full breakdown of our buy to let pricing.

Take advantage of unlimited advice from your personal accountant without fear of additional fees – it’s all included as part of the Gorilla Accounting service.

Get in touch for more information and find out how we can help you manage your finances.

£45 (+VAT)
£45 (+VAT)
£45 (+VAT)
£65 (+VAT)
£55 (+VAT)
£75 (+VAT)

For Buy-to-Let Landlords and Property Owners

Whether you’re about to take your first plunge into property investment or you already have a burgeoning portfolio in place, Gorilla Accounting can help you to successfully manage your buy to let finances.

Our property accountants have combined our straightforward approach to accounting with a simple, transparent pricing structure to ensure that landlords can easily overcome the common financial hurdles of tax management and company incorporation within this sector.

On top of our buy to let clients receiving our full range of accountancy services, our accountants for landlords will oversee the smooth running of your monthly revenue activity whilst delivering a free financial health check on your property investments.

We’ll also provide you with capital gains tax advice as well as a free finance mortgage review.

Get in touch with Gorilla Accounting or read on to learn more about the range of fantastic extras that we offer to landlords and property owners.

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What is Included in Your Fee?

Not only do we keep prices low (and dependent on the number of properties you own), but we also offer a comprehensive range of services designed to make your life easier.

There are several things included in our pricing, such as:

Our FreeAgent accounting software is secure, user-friendly and can be accessed from any device, from your mobile to your computer.

As contractor accountants, our knowledge and expertise allow us to provide advice that helps you maximise the tax efficiency of your business.

We can help you to prepare and submit all of your financial paperwork accurately and on time.

Limited company owners must submit a corporation tax return, which we can help with – we also ensure that all information on the return is accurate.

If you require it, we can also help with your VAT returns; you don’t have to register for VAT if your annual VAT taxable turnover is under £85,000, but you may register voluntarily if you wish.

As your business grows, you’re likely to hire staff to help. It can be challenging having to deal with payroll when you never did before, but this is where Gorilla Accounting comes in. As part of your fee, we can help you prepare and submit payroll for up to 2 employees.

We can also help with your P11d form, which details expenses and benefits paid to company directors and staff, but which haven’t been subject to PAYE.

For some who are just starting out in the buy-to-let industry, choosing a sole trader model is preferrable at first because it allows them to figure out whether they want to continue down that path. If you’ve also opted to become a sole trader, you have to submit a self-assessment tax return to HMRC, which we can help you with. We’ll make sure all information is pertinent, correct and sent in a timely manner.

You can benefit from standard references as well if you’re looking to hire employees and wish to find out more about them from their ex-employers. This can put your mind at ease and help you to find the right staff for your business.

HMRC may check on how you keep your records; if they decide to do this, you will usually be contacted by letter. It’s important that you keep records accurately in order to submit your tax returns correctly and pay the right amount of tax to avoid issues. If you’ve been contacted for a records check, we can help ensure that your paperwork is in order.

You’re busy running your buy-to-let business, so it’s perfectly normal that you may not recall when to submit a specific document or the deadline for an important return. We can stay on top of this for you, so you only have to focus on your day-to-day operations.

Limited companies have to file confirmation statements once a year, at least. Gorilla Accounting can assist by ensuring the information about your company is up to date and by preparing the statements for you.

It can be time-consuming to deal with share issues, as well as transfers and changes of particulars, especially if you’ve never done it before, so you can count on us to handle it for you.

As the owner of your limited company, you’re entitled to draw dividends from your business. When companies distribute dividends, they need to produce board meeting minutes as well – if you’re unsure about what to do, we can help.

Because we understand that you’re busy and, sometimes, need a quick answer to an urgent question, we guarantee a same-day reply if you contact us before 3pm. This will help you to make business decisions faster as well, as you won’t have to wait days to get your information.

Each business is unique and has its specific requirements, which is why we offer our clients their very own dedicated accountant. They will know everything there is to know about your financial circumstances and buy-to-let business and will always give you specialist advice.

With our simple and straightforward talk, as well as our ability to be there for you when you need it, you don’t have to worry about a thing.

When you become a client, you can contact us anytime you want and at your convenience, be it via face-to-face meetings, emails, telephone and Skype videoconferencing.

Embracing Technology

At Gorilla Accounting, we’re big advocates of making technology work for ourselves and our customers. As well as investing heavily in our own internal systems, we’ve partnered with FreeAgent to offer their market leading accountancy software to our clients as part of our all-inclusive accountancy package.

Compatible with key devices, you’ll be able to quickly and easily track monthly revenues to and from your business bank accounts whilst receiving regular alerts for upcoming tax deadlines and bill payments.

Personal Service

There’s nothing worse than having an urgent financial query regarding your property business, only to get caught up in lengthy e-mail turnaround times, a bottomless pit of FAQs or generic contact forms.

Whilst we embrace technology to the fullest degree, this doesn’t mean that we shun the huge benefits of face to face, telephone and e-mail interaction.

At Gorilla Accounting, we take a holistic approach to client management by allocating each of our customers a personal accountant who you’ll work with throughout your time with us. They’ll quickly become familiar with the unique financial circumstances of your buy to let business.

As well as having a direct dial contact telephone number and e-mail address, you’ll also be able to arrange face to face meetings via Skype, or in person for a more personalised service.

What’s more is that all of this unlimited support is included as part of your monthly fee, ensuring that you’ll never be stung by hidden charges or additional hourly fees.