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Gorilla Accounting Reviews

See below to find out what our fantastic clients have to say about us



Jonathan Pollock

Plix Limited

"Fabulous advice, I was able to save the company thousands in our first engage. We're looking forward a long and prosperous partnership."


Storm Fagan

Wallfish Ltd.

"I am really impressed with Gorilla Accounting - they are super helpful, very quick to respond and really supportive. Setting up a company for the first time was daunting but Gorilla have made it seem simple."

Life Cycle Reliability Logo

David Robson

Life Cycle Reliability

"An excellent, professional and very reasonable firm of accountants. Prior to joining Gorilla I didn't receive much help at all from my accountant. I recommend the service to any would-be contractor or an existing contractor looking for a straightforward, pain-free and friendly experience."



Nicola Semple

Project Black

"My experience so far of Gorilla Accounting has been positive. Every question I've had (and there have been many) has been answered clearly and quickly. Great service!"

Royal Marsden Hospital

Daniel May

The Royal Marsden Hospital 

NHS Trust

"I found Gorilla Accounting on-line; their staff are very professional, deeply engaging and highly knowledgeable in their field. I would absolutely recommend Gorilla Accounting to prospective clients."

Ali Bell Design

Ali Bell

Ali Bell Design

"As a freelance clothing designer setting up my own business Gorilla Accounting really HAVE helped me every step of the way. They made a very daunting process so easy and explained things in a very personable, understandable manner."

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