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About Gorilla Accounting

Gorilla is a modern, straightforward solution to your accounting needs

With decades of experience in advising clients on complex financial and tax matters across the Accountancy, Finance, Banking and Legal sectors, the Directors at Gorilla put together a vision for a business that understands exactly what a client needs, when they require it and how they want it, the result - Gorilla Accounting - a specialist Accountancy business servicing the daily needs and requirements of Contractors and Freelancers operating through their own Limited Company. Whether you are starting out as a Contractor and looking for the best way to structure your business or you are veteran unhappy with a reactive and overly expensive Accountant, Gorilla has the solution for you.

Technology, expertise, efficiency, empathy, commercial understanding, ambition – all key features of Gorilla’s service offering, aimed at reducing the financial and administrative hassle related to running your Company. The aim being to free up your valuable time to focus on what you do best, running your business and making money.


Your world is complex and dynamic – Contractors and Freelancers face new challenges every day. Post-Budget changes, new Finance Bills or recent consultations on Travel and Subsistence Relief – Red Tape that affects you daily which you may not have the time nor appetite to follow, digest and react to. We live and breathe your world, it’s our job to be a step ahead. We don’t just advise, we act. Whether it’s incorporating your very own Limited Company, structuring your shareholdings, maximising your tax efficiency, preparing annual accounts or submitting your tax return – we look after all your accountancy and compliance needs. Through the creation of a technology driven solution, we are able to offer a complete package for all Contractors and Freelancers at the highly competitive rate of £85 plus VAT per month.

Who is Gorilla for?

We act strictly for Contractors and Freelancers. Whether you are an existing Contractor with your own Limited Company or are new to this and need to set up a Limited Company.. we know your world inside out. Once you are in the Gorilla family you have an advisor for life. We are label-less. At our core we are a modern Accountancy business, but in joining Gorilla you will immediately engage a highly powered business partner that can help drive your business forward in many complex areas that will affect your Company including Legal, Insurance and Financial Services.

There are no fees to join Gorilla and we’re so confident that you’ll like our service, you’ll tell your friends. We even pay referral fees of £100 per client you introduce to us.

As part of the Seneca group of businesses, a heavy weight financial services group, we understand that relationships are key in business. We are able to provide you with a wide range of additional services across banking, insurance and investment products via our affiliate relationships.


At Gorilla, we're not just your accountant, we're your business partner. We have developed unique relationships with our affiliate partners, and we have leveraged our network to provide you with a range of exclusive additional services, these include:


Why Choose Gorilla?

  • Expert contractor accountants
  • 24/7 access to our online bookkeeping tool 
  • A personal service from your own dedicated accountant
  • Efficient and streamlined process
  • Excellent customer service guaranteed
  • Unlimited support including face-to-face meetings, emails, telephone and Skype video-conferencing
  • One, all-inclusive £85 per month package

About Gorilla Accounting
Who is Gorilla for?
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