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The Founders of Gorilla have strong backgrounds in accountancy and corporate finance and as such are very well versed in the Small Business and Start Up environment.

This experience provided us with a unique understanding of common, frustrating issues that new businesses face, such as finding a good accountant in a saturated industry.

This, coupled with recognising a gap for a modern, technology-driven accountancy firm that could support small businesses and the self-employed, was why Gorilla Accounting was first established in early 2015.

We spotted an exciting market opportunity, in what is typically a very traditional industry, to create something fresh, unique, and forward-thinking. There was a place in the market for a company like Gorilla to really stand out and transform the way people view accountancy.

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In 2015 Gorilla was born

We wanted a name that represented our ethos to be different. It shows we’re loud and dominant, putting our stamp on an otherwise conventional market. Our branding is purposely different to symbolise our modern, vibrant, and energetic brand.

With an increase in the level of compliance needed to run a business, managing your own tax affairs has become an increasing web of complexity for small business owners. This is where we can help. Once being a start-up and small business ourselves, we understand how daunting it is to start a business from the ground up. This is why we’re passionate about providing small businesses and the self-employed with unlimited support when it comes to their accounting and tax affairs.

We’re extremely proud of how far Gorilla has come since its inception. By our first year, we had brought on over 100 clients, 1000 clients by 2017 and in 2019 we onboarded our 2000th client. The very first client we worked with is still with us today, as is the first person we employed.

Gorilla is the most trusted accountancy firm on TrustPilot

An incredible achievement for a company that was established only 5 years ago. This is something we achieved in early 2019 and have held onto in the years since. This position reflects our relentless efforts to be the best at what we do. We dissect every element of our service delivery and refine it to ensure it is the best it can possibly be.

We’ve recently launched two new services: a full small business package and an R&D Tax Claim package. For small businesses, we’re uniquely positioned, as an SME ourself, to offer first-hand support and guidance on navigating those early days as a brand-new company.

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£ 110 +VAT p/m
  • Find out more how Gorilla Accounting has been helping the needs of Contractors & Freelancers.
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Sole Trader /

£ 50 +VAT p/m
  • Find out more how Gorilla Accounting has been helping the needs of Contractors & Freelancers.
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For Landlords

£ 50 +VAT p/m
  • Find out more how Gorilla Accounting has been helping the needs of Buy-to-Let investors & Landlords.
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Social Media

£ 110 +VAT p/m
  • Find out more how Gorilla Accounting has been helping the needs of Social Media Influencers.
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Small Business

  • Whether a fresh start-up or an established company, our accounting services have been created to take away some of the pressure.
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R&D Tax Claim

  • If your business is spending money on research and development, you could be eligible to claim R&D tax credits.
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Our clients are our biggest priority, which is why we’re constantly striving to improve, refine and innovate our products to provide the highest quality customer service. Our team work exceptionally hard to build long-lasting and supportive relationships.

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